Demo:Go Seigen (吴清源ご せいげん)vs Utaro Hashimoto(橋本 宇太郎)

This is a demo that showcases the power of UNIWEBGO. It demonstrates how enjoyable it could be when reviewing a heavily commented and variation-rich game online. The game embedded in the post was played by Go Seigen and Utaro Hashimoto in 1928. The comments and variations are originally from the first chapter of book 《人生十八局-现在我将这样下》 (18 games in my whole life-I would play so now, ISBN 9789570829822, published by 中信出版社, 2004). Sorry, there is no english translation for this game.

第一局 入门考试棋(桥本宇太郎四段)


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